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10 Outdoor Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


We’ve all been there. Stuck in the office, snowed in on a Saturday, sick in bed on your only day off. We’re sharing ten of our favorite outdoor Instagram accounts for those days you just can’t shake the wanderlust.

1. @kristiankeenen

Subtle morning in the Canadian rockies calls for a kayak session on glassy waters.

A post shared by Kristian Keenen (@kristiankeenen) on

Kristian is a Seattle-based ‘grammer who cultivated his passion for photography through his enthusiasm to explore the great outdoors.

Follow for: Enchanting photos of the PNW from the lens of a true adventurer.

2. @chelseakauai

Environmentally conscious and unapologetically stoked on life, Chelsea is a world-traveling, wave-surfing, butterfly-kissing explorer. This account features her own photography, as well as photos of herself living it up with friends in jaw-dropping backgrounds.

Follow for: Vibrant photos from your new dream vacation spot.

3. @evan.adamson

Texas-based filmmaker and surfer Evan Adamson gives us a glimpse into The Lone Star State’s hidden beauties through the eyes of a local. One look at this waverider’s Instagram will have you packing up your board and booking a flight.

Follow for: A blend of nature and city life, a colorful cure for your wanderlust. Bonus: His hilarious Instagram stories totally capture the stoke in his everyday life.

4. @MomImFine

Jonathan gives us a fresh reminder of what it’s like to be a kid at heart– happy, carefree, and looking for adventure.

Follow for Tastes of different cultures from around the world, partnered with Jonathan’s contagious smile and comedic three words us thrillseekers know all too well: “Mom, I’m fine.”

5. @jess.wandering

I’ll never understand why Wendy left never never land. Photo: @everchanginghorizon

A post shared by J E S S (@jess.wandering) on

Long story short: Storyteller and photographer Jess Dales quit her desk job and embraced the road ahead with arms wide open, which is infinitely badass.

Follow for: Dreamlike images of a woman who risked it all to live the life she longed for.

6. @jamesbarkman

Sorry mom

A post shared by James Barkman (@jamesbarkman) on

You know the old saying “Surf, jam, live in a van?” That’s basically James Barkman’s day-to-day life in a nutshell. You’ll fall in love with James as he seeks adventure in his 1976 Volkswagon van (you’ll love him even more when it breaks down and he’s still smiling).

Follow for: Photos of surf, snow, mountains, and cliffs from angles only the bravest of photographers dare to capture. Plus, a really rad van.

7. @Alexsmith_

Alex Smith is a pro surfer and dedicated explorer, wandering the earth in search of good company, great conversation, and better waves.

Follow for: The chance to live vicariously through a professional wanderer. His photos feature bold colors and glances into different cultures from around the world.

8. @womenwhoexplore

Who are @womenwhoexplore? Mountain-climbing, thrill-seeking, ocean-dwelling, waterfall-hiking, cliff-jumping, trail-running, all around badass women, that’s who! WomenWhoExplore celebrates a community of ladies who seek that familiar rush of adrenaline in the great outdoors.

Follow for: Empowering images that inspire you to get pumped and get outside.

9. @briannamadia

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the desert. I was born and raised an hour outside of Manhattan in the bustling suburbs of Connecticut…I’d never seen a cactus in my life. When we moved out to Utah, Keith got a job working in the San Rafael Swell. One warm winter day he drove me down from Salt Lake City to see the canyons and the buttes and the overlooks…and I fell to my knees. As absolutely cliche as it sounds…I was overcome with the feeling that my soul had been there before…like I was coming home to a place I’d never even lived. This is the only landscape in the world where you can find petroglyphs and pictographs and remnants of pottery from thousands upon thousands of years ago sitting in the sand as if someone just stood up one day and walked away… Among them, remnants of grand towers that once stood, now whittled down to a single sandstone pillar, surrounded by slopes of crumbling debris…reminders of the force of water, rushing over sand, mangling full size cottonwood trees and depositing them 90 feet up while carving out twisted paintbrushed pathways deep into the earth… The desert is such a volatile place, in fact, that I’ve often wondered what it is I find so damn peaceful about it. The silence? The ancientness? Or perhaps, it’s the sheer intention of anything bold enough to live here…to grow here…to thrive here. I’ve fallen madly for the harshness and the heat and the nothingness…for the cactus needles and the sandstone and the jack rabbits and the junipers…and the silence… And those who love me know that when my time comes to leave this world, the dust of what’s left of me is to be tossed to the desert wind to rest among the sand and be carried off by flash floods through the slot canyons I once called home. Because wherever the desert goes…I’m going with it.

A post shared by Brianna Madia (@briannamadia) on

Brianna is a self-declared “Professional Weekender.” She and her partner, along with their four-legged companions, packed their lives into a bright orange van and set out to see the world. Her lively personality shines through her photos of the happy family exploring the wild.

Follow for: A gallery of a tangerine-kissed wilderness featuring sweeping deserts, rocky mountains, and just the right amount of cactus.

10. @jacob

Director of Content at and absolutely phenomenal photographer, Jacob is most definitely cool enough to only use his first name as his username. Jacob’s photography showcases every color of the rainbow from all corners of the universe.

Follow for: Striking colors and remarkable perspectives of truly beautiful destinations.

After a little inspiration from these awesome outdoor Instagrammers, now it’s your turn! Get outside and share the stoke.

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Hayley Rueger is a StokeShare marketing intern and a Communications student at Loyola Marymount University. A SoCal native, she is passionate about songwriting, social media, and exploring the great outdoors.

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