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About Us

StokeShare was created because we couldn't access all of the outdoor experiences they wanted to explore. Space, money, and time made owning heaps of equipment impractical. Creating an easy-to-use sharing marketplace was the solution. We believe there is a global community that loves the outdoors, loves to be active, loves to travel and embraces the culture of the sharing economy. We also believe there are many who haven't discovered this side of themselves yet. StokeShare creates the ability for users to swap equipment, share local knowledge, make new friends and experience new things. Much more than just a marketplace, StokeShare is a community. A community of thinkers and doers. A community of explorers and trailblazers. A community of people throughout the world that want to connect and experience all the adventure that this world has to offer. A pillar of StokeShare's core values is environmental sustainability. Owning less and doing more is inherently sustainable but we feel StokeShare contributes at a deeper level. Warren loves to say, "people protect what they love, love what they know and know what they experience". As we help grow the number of people who love outdoor activities, we aim to grow a greater awareness for environmental protection. What we are most proud of is our youth-to-outdoors program. StokeShare partners with local NGOs around the world to connect inner-city youth with the great outdoors by utilizing the equipment you list on StokeShare. Help us help get kids outdoors and protect the great outdoors - list your gear on TODAY! There is no feeling on earth like the high of being stoked after an outdoor adventure. Whether that is paddling through some heavy rapids, climbing an epic slab of granite, catching the wave of your life, bombing a ski run on a powder day, diving a reef teeming with life or camping under billions of stars deep in the wilderness there is a stoke that comes from those experiences that is irresistible to the adventurer in all of us. We want to help spread that feeling. We want that feeling to be accessible to everyone and to open doors to new experiences that are inaccessible without the right equipment. We hope through StokeShare our users connect with new people, share their passions, and enrich each other's lives. So welcome to the tribe! As you're out there learning, meeting, doing, and getting radical, please drop us a line anytime if we can help make the journey better. Own Less. Do More. Share Stoke.