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Bay to Breakers Was Garbage: Tons of Fun, Even More Waste


This was my second year running Bay to Breakers and let me tell you, I had a lot of fun. There were beautiful people, a high-fiving Jesus, a Star Destroyer and a large pink monkey leading the way. Even in the crowd of 40,000 registered runners and tons more freeloaders, I managed to run into two close friends completely by chance.

keep it classy, san francisco. #baytobreakers #panhandle

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After the race, I spent the day with my fellow weirdos enjoying the perfect weather and getting turnt in the Panhandle. Everyone was friendly, fun and most importantly, respectful (except for a couple turds who got caught peeing in public). I jumped into some dance parties, spit some bars in a freestyle circle, and played the most insane pick-up basketball game of my life.

Even though SFPD was out in full force, they didn’t ruin the party. They were out there to make sure everyone was safe while raging their faces off. Personally, I gave countless officers high-fives and saw many of them posing for pictures with costumed partiers.

It was about 4:00pm when I noticed that people were no longer celebrating on lush green grass. As the tide of partiers dissipated, a title wave of trash was left behind. No matter where I’m adventuring (and believe me, Bay to Breakers is an adventure) I try to leave the world better than I found it. I spoke to a few officers about what I could do to help clean up and was quite bewildered at their responses.

Bay to Beakers Was Garbage: Lots of Fun, Even More Waste

Cleaning up doesn’t have to be crappy work (unless you’re on porta-potty duty)…

I was told that no one but volunteers and SF Public Works would be able to stay past 6:00pm and they advised me to move along. You’d think with all that garbage left throughout the city that they’d let people hang back to help, especially the ones that were as sober and good looking as me. I finally found an officer by the name of Joe Clark who said I could join the cleanup efforts, and if anyone gave me a problem, that they could take it up with him. Officer Clark, you da man!

Bay to Beakers Was Garbage: Lots of Fun, Even More Waste

Cleaning up can be a lot of fun!

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who wanted to do their part to make sure this awesome San Francisco tradition can keep on happening. I want there to be a clean park for all my baby Radsquatches to play in one day, but I also want them to experience the craziness and fun of Bay to Breakers! If we don’t make sure the city stays clean, we could face losing our wacky race forever. So we all need to rethink how we interact with the place that brings us so much joy. No helping hand should ever be turned away!

Be sure to get on social media and give a shoutout to SF Public Works for making sure our city stays beautiful. I’m going to challenge everyone who participated in Bay to Breakers to pick up one piece of trash you see this week because there’s a good chance was left by one of the awesome people who missed that trashcan fadeaway shot on May 15th. Remember y’all, leave the world better than we found it. Adventure should be sustainable!

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