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Coastal Access for All

Coastal Access for All

At StokeShare, coastal access and access to wild places everywhere is core to our mission. It’s a complex problem we’re trying to solve with our business model. The coast, the mountains, the rivers, the deserts, and the forests belong to us all. However, it is easier for some of us to enjoy these places than others. That needs to change.

We want it to change because our mission is to build an army of eco-warriors in the future who prioritize the protection of the wilderness we have left. People protect what they love. We know if more of humanity is given a chance to enjoy nature, building our army won’t be hard.

It turns out some politicians in Sacramento also think this idea is important. Organized by the advocacy work of organizations like Resources Legacy Fund and Parks Forward Initiative, the California Legislature will be voting on Assembly Bill 250 (AB 250) soon.

AB 250: State Coastal Conservancy: Lower Cost Coastal Accommodations Program.

The bill was introduced by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher, who understands the escalating trend of income inequality is actually violating the California Coastal Act.

In addition to our mission-driven work at StokeShare, we have close ties to the Surfrider Los Angeles Chapter. One of our frequent battles is with wealthy Malibu homeowners who try to put barriers around the beach like they own it. Nope. Not happening in LA.

Well, the incredible demand for lodging along the California coast has created the same barriers for lower-income families. A financial barrier is the same as a physical one. AB 250 will demand the Coastal Conservancy create solutions to address it.

The bill stipulates three solutions:

  1. Build more cabins on state and local parks along the coast. Increase entry-level, low-cost accommodations to increase supply.
  2. Collaborate with existing non-profits dedicated to working with young people from disadvantaged communities to improve facilities. This includes camps, hostels, cottages, and bunkhouses.
  3. Work with the private sector to create new strategies. Challenging, but voluntary players are out there.

This legislation does not require a new, costly program. It simply asks an existing agency to promote equitable management of our shared coastal resources.

We hope the StokeShare Tribe joins us in supporting this important bill. Learn what you can do to support HERE.

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Joel Cesare is one of StokeShare's cofounders and a lifelong searcher of the ultimate ride.

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