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    Joel Cesare


    The purpose of this thread is to describe what the StokeShare Kayaking Forum is and how to use it to ask general questions and discuss topics pertaining to kayaking.

    1. What is the Kayaking Forum?

    This forum has been created to discuss and exchange information related to kayaking based on technique, equipment, locations, conditions, etc.

    2. This forum is different from the Kayaking Gear For Rent/Sale.

    The Kayaking Gear For Rent/Sale forum is specifically designed for StokeShare users to post kayaking gear to find renters and/or buyers ONLY.

    The Kayaking Forum is different. It hosts general kayaking-related questions and discussions, which span various and multiple topics.

    3. What kind of questions should be discussed here?

    The Kayaking Forum is where you seek information about all things kayaking related that DO NOT include renting or selling equipment. Questions about what kind of gear to buy, gear preference, or reviews are OK!

    For example:

    1. Does anyone have a Sun Dolphin Aruba 10′ Sit-In Recreational Kayak for sale in Los Angeles? – Post this question on the Kayaking Gear For Rent/Sale Forum.

    2. Visiting Southern California next week for the first time and looking for the best place to rent a kayak and where do paddle. Any suggestions? – Post this question on the Kayaking Forum.



    Be aware of StokeShare’s forum-posting guidelines, which all members must follow when using the forums. Self-promotion and spamming will result in the immediate removal of posts by StokeShare Admin. If you have a rad kayaking blog that you think others will enjoy and you “just happen” to be the author, we’ll let it slide.

    Personal attacks on fellow StokeShare members will not be tolerated and can result in posts being removed as well as the removal of your StokeShare accounts. Stick to those simple rules and help keep this a fun and friendly forum.

    We’re here to share the stoke!!

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    Myself, I prefer eco-friendly camping. I read about the wonderful kayaking trips that people had there on this site: I am geniunely interested in preservation of those places…

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