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    The purpose of this thread is to describe what the StokeShare Paddle Boarding Gear For Rent/Sale Forum is and how to use it to buy/sell/rent paddle boarding gear.

    1. What is the Paddle Boarding Gear For Rent/Sale Forum?

    This forum has been created specifically to help you buy/sell/rent paddle boarding gear. It IS NOT meant to discuss and exchange general information related to paddle boarding. You can find the forum for this here: StokeShare Paddle Boarding Forum

    2. How to post a paddle boarding item for rent/sale:

    To best serve the purposes of selling your paddle boarding equipment, include the following:

    * Well-lit picture of your ACTUAL ITEM
    * Full description of what you’re listing
    * Condition of the item
    * Asking price (or “PM me for price details”)
    * Your location

    **NOTE: you can communicate with potential renters/buyers through your StokeShare account via private messages

    Example of good post:

    Aqua Marina SPK 1 Inflatable SUP

    I have an Aqua Marina SPK 1 Inflatable SUP for sale in Newport Beach. I bought it and never used it once, it just sat in the box in my garage. Comes with one paddle in good condition. Selling for $300 OBO. PM me for details!

    3. How to search for paddle boarding gear to rent/buy:

    * Use the search bar to look for the gear you need.
    * If you can’t find it, post a question asking the forum for the gear you need.


    Does anyone have an inflatable paddle board for sale in Los Angeles?



    Be aware of StokeShare’s forum-posting guidelines, which all members must follow when using the forums. Self-promotion and spamming will result in the immediate removal of posts by StokeShare Admin. If you have a rad skiing blog that you think others will enjoy and you “just happen” to be the author, we’ll let it slide.

    Personal attacks on fellow StokeShare members will not be tolerated and can result in posts being removed as well as the removal of your StokeShare accounts. Stick to those simple rules and help keep this a fun and friendly forum.

    **** It is you’re responsibility to inspect all gear you rent/purchase. StokeShare is not liable for any faulty gear that may be rented/purchased and WILL NOT mediate or facilitate any claims between parties. Don’t be an asshole. Don’t be a sucker!****

    We’re here to share the stoke!!

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