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Hammock Club Sac State – StokeShare Weekend Winner 7/9/18

Hammock Club Sac State – StokeShare Weekend Winner 7/9/18

How do you relax when you’re feeling stressed? Take a tip from Hammock Club at Sac State and just hang out!

This week’s winner of the StokeShare Weekend Instagram photo contest is a group of young adventurers from Sacramento State University who hang their hammocks all over California. Hammocking may not be considered a sport or require a lot of action, but their adventures in finding the perfect hammock spot are certainly full of surprises and wanderlust.


When I asked President Trent Simonson how the club started, he said: “many of us began hammocking as we longed for a place to relax, take a break from school, and meet new friends.” Oh hey, I’m a new friend!

I was lucky enough recently to accompany them on a trip to the Sierra Mountains in Eastern California. We hung our hammocks on boulders at lower Yosemite falls, amongst pine trees in the Emigrant Wilderness, and between patio banisters next to “El Presidente’s” pool. Hanging around was relaxing and quite refreshing. Our long hikes in and out of the scenic destinations left me feeling accomplished and reeling for more.

There’s something to be said about a group of 19-to-23-year-olds that were so welcoming to a washed up old man like me. It’s been a while since I hung out with people so much younger than me and I wasn’t expecting to have much in common with them. I was pleasantly surprised!

The Sac State hammockers are a diverse group of students with many different interests. Club members range from engineers, finance majors, nursing and humanities students, and everything in between. There are experienced outdoorsmen/women and newcomers hungry for new experiences. And my favorite part, the club consists of students from all walks of life. That’s what I miss most about college – sharing common interests with people who are so different than me.


The best thoughts come from inside a hammock – Trent Simonson “El Presidente”

These folks aren’t about the B.S., they’re about getting as far away from it as possible. And they still know how to have a great time! So if you’re a student at Sac State looking for cool trips and great friends, reach out to Hammock Club and find out what the hammock life is all about. And wherever you’re adventuring, always remember to pack a hammock!

Follow Hammock Club at Sac State and keep up with their rad hammock shinanigans!

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