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High-5 Friday

Hola Amigos!

Here are some of the helpful tips, articles, and links that have appeared in our High-5 Friday email newsletter, which goes out every Friday to help you crush your weekend adventures.


1. How to Wax a Surfboard

We teamed up with Helina Beck from Wavehuggers to bring you a new video series focused on teaching you the fundamentals of surfing. Check out the video above and subscribe to the StokeShare YouTube Channel for more helpful how-to videos that we’ll be releasing weekly.

2. StokeShare Community Forums

We designed StokeShare to help you connect, collaborate, and share with other adventures. Here are some of our newly released forums to help you do those things and more.Check out a StokeShare Community Forum and ASK A QUESTION:

Camping Forum – How can I be a zero-waste camper?
Spearfishing Gear for Rent/Sell/Swap – Anyone got a used Hypto Crypto to sell?

3. One Watershed + Hands Across the Sand Event

stokeshare-one-watershed-hands-across-the-sand-2018StokeShare’s One Watershed program connects at-risk youth from the LAPD Cadet Program to nature through action sports events. On May 19th we are partnering with our friends at Surfrider LA to take a group of 25 kids surfing in Santa Monica. The event will also include Hands Across the Sand, an international show of solidarity against offshore oil drilling and destruction of coastal resources.

Check out the Facebook Event to learn more. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS, SURFBOARDS, and WETSUITS to make the day a success. Get involved, these events are amazing!

4. New Blog: Are you Regular or Goofy? 

learn-to-surf-like-a-pro-regular-or-goofyLearning how to surf should begin with understanding what the best stance is for your to find power and stability. It’s important to understand how your body, your board, and the ocean communicate with each other. The first step in this process is deciding how to actually ride your surfboard.  So, are you regular or goofy?

5. Last Week’s #StokeShareWeekend Winner 

@monkeyfisheel – “Diving for dinner on da Big Island. Midnight dive = lobster omelets for breaky #stokeshareweekend.

Follow @monkeyfisheel for a solid mix of photos featuring outdoor adventure, daddy excursions, sustainable building.

For a chance to be featured on the StokeShare Instagram page, post your weekend adventure photos with #StokeShareWeekend. Each Monday we feature one of the dopest shots/stories.

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CJ is StokeShare's Marketing Director. He's either working, snowboarding, backcountry hiking, or climbing (terribly).

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