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How to Put Stickers On Your Surfboard the Right Way


So you just scored some awesome new stickers from your favorite surf shop. You get home, peel off the backs, slap them on your board and head out for a sesh. Damn your board is gonna look sick while you’re carving up those barrels. After a few waves, you head in and realize your board lost its new swag. Bummer!

Next time, remember that stickers won’t adhere if there’s any wax, salt or sand on your surfboard. That’s why you should take the time to prep the area and let the sticker set. With a bit of patience and a steady hand, you can put stickers on your surfboard so they last.

Here’s how to put stickers on your surfboard the right way:


1. Make Sure Your Stickers Are Die Cut

No 25¢ machine stickers for your board! The best stickers to apply are vinyl die cut stickers. You can tell they’re die cut because there are two layers to peel off, one in front and one in the back.

2. How’s The Weather?

Don’t put stickers on your surfboard in extreme weather conditions. Make sure you do it indoors.

3. Choose The Right Spot

Pick an area on your board where your feet won’t be while you’re surfing. Also, avoid areas where you are usually applying wax.

4. Clean Your Board

Prep the area with some alcohol. You can pick up Methylated Spirits for a few bucks. It’s eco-friendly and can also be used to scrub your nasty toilet.

5. Placing Your Stickers

  • After the area has dried, peel the white backing off the sticker and slowly lower the sticker onto the surfboard.
  • Rub it a few times with a credit card or the back of your wax comb to get out any air bubbles.
  • REALLY make sure the edges of the sticker have firmly adhered to the board. Let the sticker dry for six hours before hitting the water.

Not only will this method prevent you from losing your new sticker, it will help keep our oceans clean. StokeShare is dedicated to cleaning up California’s beaches and making sure we don’t have to surf through garbage.

HUGE SHOUTOUT to Jordan Call at Coast to Coast Vinyl for hooking us up with these great stickers and our homie @goubear1 for the featured image!

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Joel Cesare is one of StokeShare's cofounders and a lifelong searcher of the ultimate ride.

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