• Crystal Roy became a registered member 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    • Crystal!! Great to see you on the new platform. How’ve you been?

      • Hey there CJ! Actually, I have moved back to AZ about a month ago. I plan on doing my surfing in San Diego whenever I can. I love La Jolla shores.
        Great to hear from you! Keep up the good stoke and I’ll do the same! Love the new platform!

        • Oh right on! What part of Arizona? I lived in Flagstaff with my brother for a summer. Glad you love the new platform! Feel free to invite your friends!

          • I am a little west of Phoenix. Tons of great hiking here. If I can’t surf, I love to hike.I actually would love to live in north central AZ someday…Sedona, Verde Valley, Flagstaff. Gorgeous up there.

            • Heck ya! Hope you’re able to get out on the trail this weekend. It’s been raining pretty hard in the valley so I’m trying to hitch a ride up the mountain and get some snowboarding in 🌨🏂