One Watershed

"People protect what they love, love what they know and know what they experience" - StokeShare Co-Founder, Warren Neilson

StokeShare believes its business can transform humanity’s future with our environment.

Our mission: connect the next generation with nature through action sports.

StokeShare aims to measure its success by the number of kids we take outdoors. We’re less interested in the personal financial impact of the company and far more interested in the wide array of positive impacts it can have on the world. It’s an audacious thing to say, but that is the viewpoint we’re taking. Successful business leaders moving forward will be trying to make the world a better place, not just trying to make their lives better.

How can our business touch a life with every transaction? We asked ourselves this simple question when we created StokeShare and we took it a step further. Could our business fundamentally be an agent of environmental change? To us it made no sense to launch a business unless the answer to this question was yes.

There are many value propositions we can identify on both sides of an action sports sharing economy marketplace. That's the spark. Combining this community of adventurers with a mission to build environmental awareness in young people is the fire.

If you follow our blog you know our views on the impact of modern urbanism. Humanity’s migration into cities is inevitable. It is critical we do not allow the next generation to lose its connection with nature.

We are calling our youth adventure program ONE WATERSHED for two reasons. Environmentally, the watershed teaches us that our ecosystems are all connected. Protect the rivers upstream and the ocean is healthier. Then metaphorically, we celebrate the idea that everything we do has an impact downstream. Connect kids with nature and the future leaders of this world will be more passionate to protect it.

The intent of this program is to rent gear from our marketplace so StokeShare users can see their unused gear transform a young person's life. Then, as more and more young people fall in love with action sports, more kids will grow up with motivation to protect the wild places they play in.

What if an online marketplace brought you a new, life-changing experience in the outdoors? What if stuff, doing nothing but causing clutter, could be exchanged for other people’s stuff you need? What if this saved you money, made someone else money and required the extraction of no virgin resources? What if your participation in all of this contributed to at-risk youth getting life-changing experiences?

All you have to do is join StokeShare.com