Share Stoke.

If you know what stoked means, you know you owe it to the universe to share it. Number 8 in the Surfers Code is “Pass On Your Stoke to a Nonsurfer”. The Surfers Code we live by goes well beyond surfing. It is a code that transcends any sport or activity and a code we believe leads to a more fulfilled life. StokeShare is about passing on that stoke and fulfillment to others.

We offer our users a number of benefits, but none more valuable than meeting each other. When you share gear, you’re also sharing knowledge and meeting kindred spirits. If you rent a surfboard, for example, the owner is going to have valuable local knowledge on the best spots and times to hit the beach. Shoot, they may even join you for a surf and show you around.

Aside from connecting people to share outdoor & adventure equipment, Stokeshare also takes pride in building a community. A community of folks who love the outdoors, are passionate about life, and care about the health of the planet. So when you share some gear, maybe share a beer as well. You never know what you’ll learn.