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SoCal Spearfishing Tournament: The Kirk McNulty White Seabass Classic


Are you a newbie or experienced spearo?

Would you like to compete in a tournament for country, kingdom and sweet sweet prizes?

Then join the 4th Annual Kirk McNulty White Seabass Spearfishing Classic. This competition celebrates the life of Kirk McNulty, a world-class waterman who was taken from us before his time. Kirk was also an artist who used the ocean as his muse. Together with his brother Clark, he founded, an online lifestyle site for lovers of the sea.

For just $25, you can enter to win. The prizes include a yearly rotating trophy and spearfishing gear, which will be announced in the coming weeks.The money for entry goes directly to a nonprofit called White Seabass Hatchery, which is operated by the Hubbs Seaworld Research Institute. Their goal is to ensure the vibrancy of the environment for everyone, people and animals alike.

You can donate directly to the HSWRI online.

The basic rules and flow

1. You must be registered BEFORE your fish will be counted!

2. Only white seabass caught with a speargun or pole gun will be counted. They must be legal species and sizes according to the California Department of Wildlife and Mexico Oficina de Pesca.

3. To submit white sea bass for a score, you must drop off these things to the pre-approved locations:

  • Fish heads that are labeled with the participant’s name, “OceansGlobal,” and location of the catch
  • A photo of the fish taken on land with date/time stamp (pre-head removal I’m assuming)
  • The scale readout

The award ceremony will be on May 13th at Tarsan in Redondo Beach.This event is endorsed by a number of local spearfishing groups, so it’s the perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with the community.

Here is a great article with pictures of the 1st tournament, to help pump you up for what’s to come.

The competition started on March 1st and goes until Sunday April 30, so what are you waiting for? You still have time to win awesome spearfishing gear and year-long bragging rights!

Click here to Register!

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Peretz Cohen is a StokeShare marketing intern and a native of Northern California. Peretz grew up around one of the most beautiful natural eco-systems in the world. With StokeShare, he is learning to gain a bigger appreciation for nature and the environment.

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