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#StokeShareWeekend Photo Contest Winner 6/18/18


This week’s winner of the StokeShare Weekend Instagram photo contest is Eunice Marie Colinares from Cebu City, Philippines. Eunice is a lifelong swimmer and recent surfer who spends her time enjoying the waves.

She started swimming competitively at 16 and transitioned to surfing three years ago when her friend, Joan, took her along on a surf sesh. When I asked her what inspired her to get in the water, Eunice told me, “I always felt at home when I’m in the ocean or a pool. Maybe it’s the water baby in me.”

Her Instagram account is filled with amazing photos of Island life, including swimming, diving, and surfing through the crystal-clear North Pacific Ocean. Eunice says that the water makes her feel tranquil, “like all the troubles in the world wash away while I’m in the ocean.”

photo-contest-winner-eunice-marieTake a beach break and upgrade your mindset. Meet new people. Have a new perspective in life. Be grateful. Look for the good in every day!

Follow Eunice on Instagram and take a trip to the Philippines!

Want to participate in our photo contest? Get your weekend outdoor, adventure, and action sports photos featured on StokeShare’s Instagram by posting with #StokeShareWeekend. For full details, check out the photo contest rules.

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  1. Is Eunice a StokeShare member?

  2. Have you heard of Calibunga Surf Lessons? If not, check us out here —>>

    • Sounds awesome Kameron! Thanks for passing along that link.


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