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#StokeShareWeekend Photo Contest Winner 4/16/18


This week’s winner of the #StokeShareWeekend Instagram photo contest is OBERsup. This Italian stand up paddle board manufacturer specializes in durable inflatable SUPs designed to perform in any condition.

“Our search for high-quality materials, perfect shape and exclusive Italian design makes OBERsup the right choice.”

– OBERsup


OBERsup Stand Up Paddle Board Collection 2018

OBERsup 2018 Board Collection

  • Tovel: The Tovel is versatile – reliable in excursion, maneuvering between the waves and robust in exploration or in torrent. Its size makes it the perfect all-around board for users at any experience level who love to paddle in all conditions.
  • Vertigo: Born in 2014, the Vertigo was designed as an extremely compact board that was simple even for new paddlers. The shape is the result of careful study and numerous tests in the most diverse conditions. Its small size and weight of about 8.5 kg and 6.5 kg for the TK make them inseparable companions.
  • Balance: The Balance is OBERsup’s most comfortable table, allowing you to practice yoga or training sessions using the entire surface of the table thanks to the comfortable EVA deck pad that covers it entirely.
  • Hyde: The Hyde is an extremely technical and performing SUP. Its rocker in the bow allows it to cross foam and water walls like a blade and its stern makes it very suitable even for river surf. The Hyde is also very fast in flat water and this makes it a great choice for families who want to make excursions in tandem or with their 4-legged friends.

Follow OBERsup on Instagram for awesome adventure SUP photos and get pumped to paddle! 

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