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#StokeShareWeekend / Hiking

#StokeShareWeekend Photo Contest Winner 5/29/18


Since this weekend was a Memorial Day Weekend, I’m publishing a special Tuesday version of #StokeShareWeekend to include Monday! This week’s winner of the Instagram photo contest is Cory Cesare. His Memorial Day hike through a section of the Appalachian Trail uncovered a very patriotic surprise.

Cory’s winning photo was taken during a hike with his friend Brooke Hamscher in the Lehigh Gap, located in Walnutport, Pennsylvania. Cory is a lifelong hiker and snowboarder who’s been ripping around the East Coast. He told me to tell you that he wants to get into climbing but doesn’t really know how to get started. So, if you have any tips or want to connect with Cory, leave him a comment below and send him a friend request!

StokeShare Weekend Winner 5-29-18“ The world is a playground, get out there and have some fun.” – Cory Cesare

StokeShare Weekend Winner Cory Cesare

Cory Cesare with the bird’s eye at Lehigh Gap.

Follow Cory on Instagram and check out his adventure photos!

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CJ is StokeShare's Marketing Director. He's either working, snowboarding, backcountry hiking, or climbing (terribly).

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