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#StokeShareWeekend Photo Contest Winner 5/7/18


This week’s winner of the #StokeShareWeekend Instagram photo contest is local San Diego, California badass Alejandro Sanchez. As an adventure photographer, he journeys around the world capturing some of the most amazing moments you’ll ever see.

His portfolio includes epic landscapes, intense slacklining, and telling visual stories of the people he meets along the way.

stokeshare-weekend-winner-5-7-18“It’s not the altitude, it’s the attitude!” – Alejandro Sanchez

“I don’t always eat cookies, but when I do I prefer to eat them while I’m on a highline. Stay hungry my friends”

Follow Alejandro on Instagram and check out his Vimeo channel for sick highline edits!

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CJ is StokeShare's Marketing Director. He's either working, snowboarding, backcountry hiking, or climbing (terribly).

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