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#StokeShareWeekend Photo Contest Winner 6/11/18


This week’s winner of the #StokeShareWeekend Instagram photo contest is Courtney Putteet from Oahu, Hawaii. Courtney spends her time hiking and diving throughout the most epic landscapes and oceans in the Pacific.

This week, our feature comes straight from the winner herself. So I’m going to sit back and let Courtney tell you her story…

I got into freediving last summer and I absolutely love it! There’s no greater feeling than exploring underwater and getting to encounter the most beautiful sea life while doing so. Since diving in Oahu, I have been able to swim beside sea turtles, dolphins, eagle rays, a shark, and even monk seals! It’s so much fun to challenge yourself with breath holds, swim through caves, and be able to experience the ocean on such a deep level.

StokeShare-Weekend-Photo-Contest-Winner-Courtney-6-11If I could give any advice it would be to follow your passions, always. For me, that meant moving to Hawaii last year. Making that move truly changed my life.

I’ve fallen in love with every trail I’ve walked and ridge-line I’ve been able to climb, with every waterfall I’ve stood beneath and the ocean depths I’ve had the chance to explore.

I’m thankful for the incredible opportunities, amazing people, and beautiful experiences this island has brought into my life. And even though I haven’t spent my whole life in Hawaii, this place feels more like home than anywhere else ever has.

When I’m hiking or diving, everything else fades to quiet background noise. I’m free of worries and stress; I have nothing to dwell on besides the stillness of the nature surrounding me.

Immersing myself in nature helps me to build my identity and find my true self. It is in the mountains and oceans that I feel most free, strong, and beautiful.

I love getting to share my adventures and my heart and in doing so, I hope I am able to inspire others to love hard and venture hard. Our world is filled with beauty and we are so fortunate to be able to take it all in.

Wherever I go in life I will always be stoked on the oceans and mountains and the ability to enjoy them. I’ll never be short of thankful for the positive effect nature has on our body, mind, and soul.

Follow Courtney on Instagram and join her for a Hawaiian adventure!

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