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Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles


If you’re planning a trip to coastal Los Angeles, taking surf lessons is a must. Sure, you could jump onto Google and find a list of instructors, but that’s a total kook move. Even though there are a ton of surf lesson companies in LA, there’s only a few that care about helping you learn to surf AND experience the wild culture of Southern California.

Here’s a list of the 8 righteous surf lessons in Los Angeles. We’ve done the legwork and provided you with everything you’ll need to know to pick the best instructor for you. From Malibu to Long Beach, these surf lesson companies are the most badass!

Let’s start in Malibu and work our way down…

Surf Lessons Malibu

1. Malibu Coastal Adventures

Malibu Coastal Adventures is a one-stop shop for all things water sports. They offer surfing lessons, paddle board lessons, and kitesurfing lessons with professional instructors. You’ll learn about ocean awareness and safety both in and around the water. And don’t worry about the gear. Malibu Coastal Adventures has all the equipment you’ll need to get out there and shred.


Great for first-time children

Services & Prices

Malibu Coastal Adventures offers surfing lessons at various beaches in Malibu. They tailor the location of the lesson to your ability and comfort level. All lessons include a professional surf instructor, a surfboard, and a wetsuit necessary to keep you warm and comfortable.

During your 1 hour lesson, you will learn ocean safety and awareness, paddling techniques, surfing etiquette, proper feet placement on the board, and how to safely fall. The Malibu Coastal Adventures team aims to give you a comprehensive knowledge of surfing and its culture.

  • $100 for private lesson (one-on-one)
  • $100 per person (1 instructor for up to 3 people)
  • Contact Dave for discounts on group pricing

Dave is an absolute badass!

Owner & Team

The owner is Captain Dave Ogle, a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Certified Captain with over 35 years of experience navigating the local Southern California waters. He’s an accomplished instructor and enthusiast in all watersports and makes you feel comfortable as you learn your way around a board. He’s even a professional photographer and videographer, so your boat adventure or lesson will be recorded so you can show off all your hard work.

Book Your Lesson

Phone number: 310-701-1996


Hours: Monday – Sunday 7am to 7pm

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2. Malibu Makos Surf Club

Malibu Makos Surf Club has been providing surf lessons in Malibu since 1991. Their team of qualified instructors teaches surfing students about ocean safety, respecting the environment, how to surf, and much more. You can contact the Makos to book them for group and private surfing lessons, corporate events, birthday parties, and surf camps for children and adults. They include all the needed equipment for lessons, so all you have to focus on is not drinking too much salt water.


Send your kids to a surf camp or book the Makos for a 1-on-1 session

Services & Prices

The Malibu Makos Surf Club have been teaching surfing lessons and ocean safety for 26 years. You’ll learn more than just how to stand up on your board, you’ll learn all there is to know about ocean safety and surfing culture as well.



  • $100 for 1 person with 1 instructor
  • $150 for 2 people with 1 instructor
  • $200 for 3 people with 1 instructor
  • $225 for 4 people with 1 instructor
  • $325 for 5 people with 2 instructors
  • $375 for 6 people with 2 instructors
  • $400 for 7 people with 2 instructors
  • $425 for 8 people with 2 instructors

Expert instructors will have you shacked in no time

Owner & Team

All instructors are qualified and trained to teach students of all ages about surfing, water safety, and how to connect with the ocean in an environmentally responsible way. Malibu Makos instructors have extensive surfing knowledge, experience, and teaching expertise to help surfers at any skill level.

Instructors are live-scanned, go through background checks, fingerprinted, and are CPR and 1st Aid certified to ensure the best possible experience for their students.

Book Your Lesson

Phone number: 310-317-1229


Hours: Monday – Sunday 8am to 5pm

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Surf Lessons Santa Monica

3. Go Surf LA

Go Surf LA is a Santa Monica company that gives surfing lessons and paddle boarding lessons. And they might have won the award for most awesome LA logo ever imagined. Go Surf LA offers lessons all year throughout Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Zuma, and Venice. Your gear is provided and the team is excellent!


There’s that dope logo I was talking about!

Services & Pricing

Surfing lessons are 90 minutes long and broken up into beginner and intermediate.Beginner surfing lessons cover popping up, surfing etiquette and ocean safety. You’ll go from catching whitewash waves assisted by an instructor to consistently catching open-faced waves on your own.

Intermediate surfing lessons will teach you how to surf on the wave face and begin making those BIG TURNS and other maneuvers. You’ll learn techniques on how to build speed, set up a bottom turn, and come off the top successfully.

Their pricing is simple: $80 surf lessons. 7 days a week. All gear provided.

Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Watch out for those big block letters bro…

Owner & Team

Go Surf LA is led by Peter Paris, who has served as head instructor at some of Los Angeles’ most popular surf schools. He’s taught surfing in Southern California and throughout Latin America. In 2005 and 2006, Peter worked on the X Games Surfing Competition at the Mexican Pipeline in Puerto Escondido. He has also provided surf lessons for at-risk youth with our friends at Stoked Mentoring for the past three years. All instructors are CPR and First Aid Certified! (Se habla español!) Go Surf LA guarantees that you will stand up on a whitewash wave during your first lesson or they’ll give you another lesson FOR FREE. If that doesn’t get you pumped, I’m not sure what will.

Book Your Lesson

Phone number: 310-428-9870


Hours: Monday – Sunday 8am to 8pm (by appointment only)

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4. Learn to Surf LA

Learn to Surf LA is a fully permitted, licensed, and insured surf school in Santa Monica that also offers surf lessons in Venice Beach and Manhattan Beach. They welcome students ages 5 and up for private lessons. Group lessons are available for ages 13 and up. They also offer paddleboard lessons. Learn to Surf LA provides wetsuits and soft top surfboards, so all you need to do is show up!


Surfing right next to the Santa Monica Pier? Sign me up!

Services & Price

Private surf lessons will give you a thorough and personalized introduction to surfing with your own instructor. You’ll learn how to read and select waves, paddle through the break, maneuver the board, surfing etiquette, and other basic surfing skills. Lessons are 1 hour and 45 minutes. And with the Santa Monica pier in the background, you’ll be stoked every minute of your lesson!


  • $120 for one surfing lesson
  • $200 for one surfing lesson with 2 surfers
  • $260 for one surfing lesson with 3 surfers
  • +$60 for each additional surfer

Private surfing packages allow you to hone the skills you’ve developed in the initial lesson and practice them under the guidance of an expert. In the 3 lesson package, you’ll be able to consistently catch waves and stand on your own. In a 5 lesson package, you’ll be able to turn fairly consistently after catching a wave. After a 7 lesson package, you’ll be able to identify a rideable open-faced wave and have moderate success at maneuvering yourself into position to catch it.

Basic Package (3-4 lessons)Santa Monica - learn to surf la

  • $110 for one surfer
  • $185 for two surfers
  • $235 for three surfers
  • +$50 for each additional surfer

Gold Package (5-6 lessons)

  • $105 for one surfer
  • $180 for two surfers
  • $220 for three surfers
  • +$40 for each additional surfer

Premium Package (7+ lessons)

  • $100 for one surfer
  • $170 for 2 surfers
  • $215 for 3 surfers
  • +$40 for each additional surfer

Their progressive group classes provide ongoing instruction for both beginners and advanced students. Classes are small, with a maximum ratio of 5:1. Surfing lessons are 1 hour and 45 minutes long and include all the equipment.

  • $85 per person for one group surfing lesson
  • $80 per person for two group surfing lessons

Owner & Team

Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Where are the shakas kids?!

Avid surfer and adventurer, Pat Murphy started Learn to Surf LA to help students experience the thrill and excitement of catching their first wave. He’s been surfing in LA his entire life and caught his first wave at Venice Breakwater at 11 years old. Pat’s team is rounded out with Gary (10 years experience), Darrin (12 years experience), and Chris (30 years experience). These guys have all been surfing for a long time and are happy share their knowledge with you. Learn to Surf LA is giving back to the local community in a big way. For the past 6 years, Pat has lead groups of blind students from the Braille Institute of Los Angeles to their first waves. So when you want to take a surf lesson in Santa Monica, think about supporting a surf school with a great cause!

Book Your Lesson

Phone number: 310-663-2479


Summer hours: Private lessons – 8am to 6pm daily, Group lessons -8am to 2:15pm daily

Winter Hours: Private lessons – 8am to 4pm daily, Group lessons – 10am on Saturdays

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Surf Lessons Venice Beach

5. Kapowui

The Kapowui team lives, eats, and dreams surfing. Located in the Venice Beach parking lot at Rose Avenue, you’ll find these surf bums posted up in front of a brightly colored VW Vans with a tower of surfboards strapped to the roof racks. All of the instructors have the true Aloha spirit and pride themselves on totally immersing their students in the surf culture. They’ll get you riding waves on your first lesson or the next lesson is free.

Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Be sure to get a photo with these iconic VW’s for that insta story.

Services & Prices

The first 30 minutes of Kapowui surf lessons are on the beach, covering board design and dynamics, wave dynamics, ocean safety, surfing safety, surf etiquette, pop-up technique and form. The rest of the time is spent in the water surfing with your instructor.

Kapowui also offers 1080 HD GoPro Video for an additional $50. A micro 4 or 8 Gig SD Card will be given to you at the end of your lesson with the footage. That’s some big-time value added on top of an absolute epic day of surfing in Venice Beach.

Surf Lessons (1 hour)Image result for kapowui

  • $90 per person for 1 surfer
  • $80 per person for 2 surfers
  • $70 per person for 3 surfers
  • $60 per person for 4 surfers
  • $50 per person for 5+ surfers

Advanced Surf Lessons (1 hour)

  • $100 for one surfer
  • $80 per person for two surfers

Surf Packages

  • 3-5 is 10% off
  • 6-9 is 15% off
  • 10+ is 20% off

Rentals (without surfing lessons)

  • $10 per hour for an 8-foot surfboard
  • $15 per hour for a 9-foot surfboard
  • $5 per hour for a wetsuit
  • $5 per hour for a boogie board
  • $5 per hour for a skateboard


Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Surfing runs in this family’s blood

Owner & Team

The Kapowui team is made up of family and friends who have spent their lives chasing waves and avoiding 9-5’s. Dad, Martin is the founder. He has 30 years of surfing experience and is dedicated to bringing Kapowui (pure joy) to all the people who take lessons from his company. His instructors are his sons, daughters, extended family, and friends. All of Kapowui’s instructors are LA county licensed and permitted, CPR certified, and have all the knowledge and experience necessary to help you crush! Surfing with Kapowui isn’t just about the waves, it’s about becoming a surfer and experience the lifestyle of Venice Beach. They’re always taking people out for volleyball or a post-surf spin the VW Van for a quick shaka around the parking lot!

Book Your Lesson

Phone number: 310-985-4577


Hours: Monday – Sunday 5am to 7pm (by appointment)

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6. Aloha Brothers Surf Lessons

Whether you’re looking to stand up on your first wave or improve your skills, Aloha Brothers Surf Lessons can help. You’ll get a different experience with this surf school because it’s not RIGHT on the beach. But the cool part is walking from the meetup spot on Rialto Ave and walking down to the water with a board and wetsuit like a true LA surfer.

Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Popping up is all about proper body placement on your board.

Services & Prices

The Aloha Bros offer beginner surf lessons, where you’ll learn how to pop up correctly, understand positioning in the lineup, basic ocean safety, proper paddling, and how to ride the waves for starters. They also offer intermediate surf lessons to help you get over the hump and take your progress to the next level.

All lessons are 90 minutes (water time) and include the surfboard and wetsuit at no extra charge. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy to receive a full refund and gift certificates are available. All surf lessons must be booked in advance.

  • $85 per person for a standard group lesson (1 instructor for up to 3 people)
  • $160 for a GUARANTEED one-on-one lesson
  • $255 total for a private duo (1 instructor for 2 people)
  • $375 for a 5-lesson package (standard group lesson, M-F only)
  • $375 for a 4-lesson package (3 standard group lessons & 1 private lesson, M-F only)
Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Seriously dudes… where’s the shakas?!

Owner & Team

Owner Nick Fowler has been surfing since he was 5. He’s been sponsored by a few surfing companies over the years and had a travel series where he documented his surfing journey through South America. Nick has competed in surf competitions in Chile and surfed Polynesian barrels while living in Tahiti for a year.

The Aloha Brothers team also includes Jeff (17 years experience) and Michael (20 years experience) who can help any surfer progress regardless of age and ability level. They’re patient, easy going, and kids love them. Don’t speak English? No problem! Aloha Brothers Surf Lessons are one of the very few multi-lingual surf schools in Southern California. Because owner Nick Fowler has traveled and lived in different parts of the world, he is fluent in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Book Your Lesson

Phone number: 323-316-8108


Hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm

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Surf Lessons Manhattan Beach

7. One Wave Surf

Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Owner, Tyler Trafas feeling some serious stoke in El Salvadore

One Wave Surf was established in 2003 by Tyler Trafas while he was repairing surfboards in his garage during a summer break as a school teacher. He realized that tons of surfboards were being tossed when they could easily be restored. Tyler created an eco-friendly business by buying and refurbishing surfboards to provide high-quality at low cost while keeping harmful synthetic materials out of landfills and the atmosphere.

Now, you can book comprehensive courses that are custom built to develop serious, independent surfers or one-day surf lessons that provide the rush of riding a wave.

Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Pay attention to your beach instructions… you’ll be putting them into practice in the water.

Services & Prices

The Surf Experience – One-day surf lessons that teach you basic skills like paddling, popping up, balance, and surfing waves over 1 and a half hours. Lessons begin with a Yoga warm up. Surfboards and wetsuits are available for rent during the surf lessons. Depending on weather and surf conditions, various locations are available.


  • $100 for a one-on-one private lesson
  • $80 each for a private lesson for two
  • $70 per person for a private lesson for three
  • Discounted group rates

The Surf 4 Real Program – Comprehensive surf lessons for beginners, self-taught surfers and intermediate surfers looking to enhance their skills. Your first lesson will be an assessment of physical ability and surfing skills, with a tailored program to follow. You’ll learn the “how” and “why” and receive “homework” to practice and perfect certain skills. This program is meant to help read waves, catch big waves, improve turning and tricks, and maneuver a short board. Contact the team for pricing information at this level.

One Wave Surf also sells and rents used surfboards and longboards in the Los Angeles area.

Interested in surf travel? One Wave Surf also curates custom surfing retreats and adventures.

Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

Awwwww… there’s the shakas!

Owner & Team

Founder Tyler Trafas is a Los Angeles local with over 15 years of surfing experience. He’s utilized a Master’s degree in education to develop his distinct training programs. Tyler has been teaching a wide age range in private and small group sessions for over six years. He employs a seriously dedicated staff of trained instructors to help you make the most progress.

One Wave Surf is intensely comprehensive and engaging in their approach. Their Surf 4 Real Program is designed to help even beginner surfers get over the learning curve in the most effective way possible. Their fun atmosphere encourages students to help each other improve and many continue to surf together outside the program. This is a great way to become part of the surfing community and find some great friends.

Book Your Lesson

Phone number: 323-521-WAVE (call)

Phone number: 323-897-9283 (text)


Hours: Monday – Sunday 8am – 6pm

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8. Wavehuggers

Wavehuggers offers students the ultimate “ocean conscious” surfing experience. From Los Angeles to San Diego, they teach private and group surf lessons from dawn til dusk every day of the week. Dedicated to sharing their passion for the ocean, Wavehuggers offers competitive pricing and discounts on surf lessons.

They also have an interested volunteer program called the Wavehuggers Beach Bunch where participants can earn money while spending time at the beach. Volunteers can earn a commission by supporting instructors during surf lessons or promoting Wavehuggers at local beach events. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

Surf School LA: 8 Righteous Surf Lessons in Los Angeles

5 outa 6 aint bad!

Services & Prices

Wavehuggers makes sure every student gets the full experience of surfing. They cover safety, etiquette, technique, tides, ocean conditions and more. Their dedication to environmental responsibility and ocean protection adds another layer to connect students with the surfing culture of Southern California.

The instructors at Wavehuggers work with beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers ages 5 and up. The surf lessons are 2 hours long and include all equipment (surfboard and wetsuit). They take care of everything except the bathing suit and towel.


Owner Helina Beck is a seriously awesome surfer!

Private surf lessons

  • $109 for 1 private surfing lesson (beginner)
  • $297 for 3 private surfing lessons (intermediate)
  • $570 for 6 private surfing lessons (advanced)
  • $810 for 9 private surfing lessons (expert)

Group surf lessons

  • $198 for 2 people ($99 each)
  • $267 for 3 people ($89 each)
  • $316 for 4 people ($79 each)
  • $345 for 5 people ($69 each)
  • $390 for 6 people ($65 each)



Image result for wavehuggers

Owner, Helina Beck knows how to teach the shaka!

Owner & Team

Founder Helina Beck, younger sister of pro surfer Holly Beck, has been surfing the beaches of Southern California since she was 8. Since then, she’s surfed in many exotic locations including Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, and Hawaii. She has been instructing surf lessons for all ages for almost a decade and has a special love for teaching children. In 2010, she worked with Surf With Amigas providing underprivileged kids with surf lessons in Nicaragua.

Her team consists of 8 more experienced surfers who all grew up riding waves in California and beyond. All of the expert instructors share a passion for the ocean and the surfing lifestyle. They are all CPR certified and trained to deliver the ultimate surf experience to students of all ages and skill levels. Wavehuggers employs a serious team of instructors all throughout Southern California. Contact them to book a surfing lesson that’s convenient for you!

Because there is a fleet of instructors, each outfitted with their own equipment all along the SoCal coast, booking a surf lesson near you is super convenient. Add that to their competitive pricing and 50% off group lessons at Hermosa Beach, hiring Wavehuggers for a surf lesson is a no-brainer.

Book Your Lesson

Phone number: 310-910-9099 (M-S 8am to 7pm)


Hours: Monday – Sunday, sunrise to sunset

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Out of all the surf lessons in Los Angeles, these 8 schools have done a great job helping people stand up on waves and learn to love the ocean. If you take a lesson with any of these surf schools, we’re sure you’ll be blown away!

We’d love to hear your surf lesson experiences! Have you taken a lesson from any of these schools? Are there schools you think should have made this list? Let us know if the comment section below.

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