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This month we proudly launched in beta. A mission that started in a bar underneath the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. A mission inspired by years wandering the swamps of the Louisiana bayou, the rivers of Appalachia, the beaches of Southern California, the glaciers of New Zealand and many more of the Earth’s natural treasures. In a way, we are Reluctant Business owners, as famously coined by Yvon Chounard. We stumbled across an idea because we had an incredible need for something we couldn’t access. It’s like Chris Sacca said in This American Life Podcast, once we discovered no one was doing it the way we envisioned, StokeShare was inevitable.

Sharing an experience like surfing in the Pacific Northwest, whitewater kayaking in Mexico, stand-up paddleboarding in the Florida keys, heli-skiing in the Alps, camping in the Ozark mountains or spearfishing in the Caribbean is a unique bond. We envision a community that makes adventure its driver and sharing its fuel.

My partner and I became friends surfing Ocean Beach in San Francisco. An infamous beach break with a reputation for high-risk, high-reward conditions in one of the world’s most beautiful coastal environments. We quickly realized we shared a common bond to expand our inner-searcher into other adventure sports that are difficult to access. It was an unmet need we have designed StokeShare to fulfill. A need we know others like yourself need to fulfill as well.

Obviously Airbnb and Uber have brought collaborative consumption to the forefront. As long-time participants of the sharing economy, we built StokeShare to be the next-gen sharing economy platform. How is StokeShare the next generation of the sharing economy, you ask? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret…we have a hidden agenda.

That hidden agenda is to not just to connect the world with adventure but to protect the natural world that we live our adventures in. StokeShare’s aim is to protect the oceans, rivers, mountains, forests, deserts, and lakes we love to explore. As it turns out, people protect what they love, love what they respect, respect what they know and know what they experience. Join the tribe of travelers, athletes, and adventurists on and experience the world in a much deeper way than you had ever imagined. Get out there. Be radical. Embrace the economy of the future.

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Joel Cesare is one of StokeShare's cofounders and a lifelong searcher of the ultimate ride.

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